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Basic company data

Name: Genetrix s r.o.
Residence: Jana Palacha 668, 735 81 Bohumín
Legal form: s.r.o. (Limited liability company)
Company ID: 603 183 25
Register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Volume C, File 11849
Foundation date: 12. 5. 1994
Company management: Company Executives - Ing. Václav Novotný, Ing. Tomáš Cwik


The company was founded in 1994 and registered on May 12 that year as a limited liability company with the registered capital of CZK 225,000. At the time of foundation, Bochemie s.r.o. was the majority owner (51%), the rest was owned by three individuals. The original line of business, i.e. purchase & sale and mediating services, has gradually expanded to other business, or licensed trades respectively, for the import of hazardous and extremely hazardous substances. In 1998 a fundamental change occurred in the company ownership structure – the business share Bochemie s.r.o. was divided into two joint shares (28% and 23%) owned by individuals - owners of Bochemie s.r.o.

Through this act the company has got outside the Bochemie Group and became the "sister" company of Bochemie s.r.o.

At the same time, starting on Nov 3, 1998, Bochemie s.r.o. was authorized to represent both two groups of joint share owners.

Economic results, which the company achieved in 2002, are the best in the most of indicators since the company foundation in 1994.

By exceeding the turnover of CZK 280 million, the company’s strategic objectives, which were presented to the members and approved by the General Meeting on September 3, 1998, are successfully met.

In terms of economic indicators, the profit after taxation (CZK 6.8 million), the company appears to be very efficient and far exceeds the original estimate.

On the other hand, however, it need to be emphasized that the turnover has also increased dramatically thank to the increasing USD exchange rate so that the profit by exchange is involved extensively. Therefore, the plans and objectives for the following year do not have the ambitions to overcome the results of 2001. There are several factors having a negative influence: not only strengthening domestic currency, but also continuing recession in the manufacturing industries where the company’s traditional lines of business are oriented. This fact will not be counterbalanced even by another fact that, after the years when trade relationships between Bochemie s.r.o. Bochemie and Trading s.r.o. were limited to the sale of ZnO, supplies of BSA were started in 2001, the total amount of which could reach up to CZK 25 million per year providing the sales of chloramine B are maintained at the current level.

Company’s turnover in the years 1998 - 2008

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J. Palacha 668
735 81 Bohumín
Czech Republic

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