About the Company

Basic company data

Name: Genetrix s r.o.
Residence: Jana Palacha 668, 735 81 Bohumín
Legal form: s.r.o. (Limited liability company)
Company ID: 603 183 25
Register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Volume C, File 11849
Foundation date: 12. 5. 1994
Company management: Company Executives - Ing. Václav Novotný, Ing. Tomáš Cwik


Genetrix Ltd. was established as a trading company in 1994 and operated under the name TRADING BOCHEMIE s.r.o., with its registered office in Bohumín, Czech Republic. It was a business subsidiary of Bochemie a.s., which was part of the Bochemie Group. In 2007, there were significant ownership and share changes within the Bochemie Group, which led to the independence and renaming of the company to GENETRIX s.r.o.

The main areas of business are: Dyes, specialty chemicals, glass industry, automotive industry, agricultural feed, rubber and plastics.

Our company is certified for permitting foreign trade in military material and explosives. Furthermore, according to ISO: 9001: 2015, ISO: 9001: 2016 Active approach to REACH, pre-registration and registration.

Turnover: EUR 15-20 million / year.

Our team consists of 20 experienced professionals. Our mission is to distribute the materials of our suppliers primarily to the European market, but we currently trade with partners around the world - Asia, America. We represent our major foreign business partners, distribute, support and promote their products at the highest level.

Our most important business partners are - KUMHO Polychem, KUMHO Petrochemicals, LOTTE, Albemarle, Huta Olawa, Agiplast, Sellier Bellot, Austin Detonator, Kayaku Safety Systems Group, Polykemi, Trelleborg Group, Gumárny Zubří and others.

Our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers and partners by improving our technical and human resources.

Our warehouse complex with a total area of ​​25,000 m2 is located in Bohumín, at a motorway junction near Poland and Slovakia. There is a railway siding in the warehouse area, which allows us a direct container train connection with all European ports.