Raw materials

The company Genetrix s.r.o. is a supplier of raw materials for the following industries:

Paint industry

The company Genetrix is a longtime supplier of chemical raw materials, particularly fillers and pigments for traditional production of paints and varnishes. As an exclusive dealer of zinc white produced by Bochemie located in Bohumín, they are traditionally present in the paint market and they supply raw materials to Czech and foreign paint manufacturers.

Chemical industry

Genetrix is a trading company engaged in the purchase and sale of a wide range of organic and inorganic materials, especially chemicals, for all the primary fields of chemical production. The offers a wide range of professional services to their customers, including storage, labeling and chemical analysis of goods supplied.

Glass industry

The company is one of the main suppliers to the most prestigious producers of glass, crystal, lighting, technical glass, etc. in the Czech Republic and abroad. The glass industry and its most important representatives in the Czech market have belong among the most important business partners since the very beginning. Genetrix offer a wide range of raw materials, which form a crucial part of the glass production process. They are not only an exclusive dealer of many Bochemie´s raw materials, but also an exclusive importer of many chemicals from overseas.

Feed industry

The company supplies a large amount of feed and additives to companies producing compound feed, premixes, drugs, etc. for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Customers are both leading producers in the Czech market and a number of different international companies. The list of supplied products is constantly expanding with new chemicals. The company lays great emphasis on safety during storage and transport of chemicals. All chemicals supplied by Genetrix Ltd. are properly labelled according to applicable laws and safety regulations.


Extensive contacts beyond the Czech territory enable the company to import some raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. However, this field is not a priority, its further expansion is considered in the long-term strategy of company development.

Rubber industry

Since its founding, the company has been specializing in the sale of rubber materials. During the time, they got their strong position in the rubber market. Thanks to their exclusive representation of Bochemie and other foreign suppliers, Genetrix occupy their place in the forefront of suppliers of zinc white, synthetic rubber, resin and many other rubber materials.